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Sampling of campuses where I’ve worked

Arizona State, Emory University, Georgia Tech, Harvard University, MIT,  Northwestern University, Rice University, University of Chicago, University of Michigan

Faith Unexpected: Real stories of people who found what they never imagined
by Rick Mattson

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A collection of powerful stories of people finding faith in Christ from a variety of backgrounds and age groups. The common theme is this: none of them were looking for faith. For each person it was an unexpected experience, something they never imagined for themselves.

Faith is Like Skydiving: And Other Memorable Images for Dialogue with Seekers and Skeptics
by Rick Mattson

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This recent book from IVP provides you with concrete analogies and images for your conversations with seekers and skeptics: skydiving, elephant traps, a telephone game, a royal flush, and many others.

Free Discussion Guide for Faith is Like Skydiving

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