Family of God Diagram

Graphic, Family of God diagram

Script: Family of God Diagram[1]

  1. Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in a relationship of eternal love: past, present and future.
  2. Creation: As an expression of this love, God created our first human parents — Adam and Eve — and placed them in a beautiful garden.
  3. Family part 1: Adam and Eve were part of the Family of God. They were his children.
  4. Fall: But they rejected God and fell away. The family was broken. This is sometimes called the “great divorce.”
  5. Broken World: The result is a broken world of selfishness, violence and injustice. Even the planet itself suffered damage in this divorce.
  6. Israel: God grieved over the broken world, so he chose one nation — Israel — to begin the process of restoring creation back to himself.
  7. Jesus: Finally, God came to the world himself in the person of Jesus Christ. Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, human beings in all their ethnic diversity are given the opportunity to be adopted back into the the family of God.
  8. Family part 2: Those who accept the offer to join the family of God will enjoy a loving relationship with their creator for all eternity. Mark 3:35: Whoever does God’s will is my brother and sister and mother.
  9. Service: Along the line of reconciliation, God’s people are sent into the world to bring justice, hope and healing, in the power of the Holy Spirit.
  10. Hell: Those who persist in rejecting God’s offer to join the family of God through Jesus Christ go to a place called hell where God will never bother them again. Hell is a place of isolation, loneliness, suffering.
  11. Invitation: Will you join the family of God?

[1] Note that this diagram can be shared in a minute or two by just hitting the highlights, or extended to a longer discussion about Trinity, creation, fall, redemption, the role of the church, etc.