Religious Reciprocity: Part 1

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What happens to persons who’ve never taken the time and trouble to pursue Christianity as a possible “true religion”?

Perhaps they feel satisfied with their own views, whether religious or not. Is that wrong? Will God punish them?

One person put it this way in an email:

What if sincere Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and other non-Christians did not hear a clear, detailed or complete presentation of the gospel at any point in their life but only heard a bit about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity but did not make any extra effort to look into this because they were satisfied or convinced in their own religion or did not feel the need to do this etc. and, hence, only rejected this inaccurate or incomplete presentation of the gospel but not a clear, detailed or complete presentation of the gospel?

This is an astute question because it reminds me that if Christianity is not true but rather, Islam (for example) is true, I’d have never made the conscious effort to rigorously pursue Islam, being satisfied, as I am, with Jesus.

Sure, I might have investigated Islam in a passing way, probably so that I am informed about it professionally. But actively pursuing it? For my own heart devotion? Probably not.

Yet, I think nothing of the risk others take in actively seeking Jesus.

Two questions emerge from this discussion:

  1. What happens to those who’ve never heard a detailed, quality presentation of the gospel message, and feel satisfied with their own religion or worldview?
  2. Am I as a Christian justified in expecting others to pursue my religion while I do not pursue theirs?

I’ll start working on these questions in my next post.

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