55 and Simpler

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Having turned 55 recently, I’ve noticed a fresh wave of observations about life coming over me.

You may think these “new” conclusions of mine lacking in originality and/or profundity. And you are probably right.

Yet as they become increasingly determinative in my thinking, perhaps there is a way in which they can serve you or others.

They range from “faithfulness in the same place for a long time is usually very fruitful” to “my cynicism is unhealthy” to “there’s really no Christian life outside the church.”

(There’s a lot more where those came from!)

The one I wish to write about today is this: 
Simpler is better. 

In adopting simpler as a basic life principle, I find myself narrowing, cutting, paring, reducing clutter, focusing.

A mantra for simpler: “Down with complexity, up with quality.”

Rick, try to do a few things well.

An application: These days I have the great privilege of coaching an ethnic pastor and his congregation in the Twin Cities toward healthy church growth. 

First thing we’re working on is this: reducing structure. 

We’re simplifying the ministry until we can hit our stride in just a couple of areas. Then we’ll expand from there.

* * *

Like I said, not necessarily original or profound. Just 55, pondering before the Lord, and chasing after 

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