A Simple Suggestion

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My current job takes me around the country to many ministry venues on college campuses and churches.

An observation from my travels:

Keep it simple.

Comparing the ministries that are moving ahead with those that aren’t, the growers keep it simple while the dwindlers keep it not-really-very-simple.

The growers develop leaders around a compelling, incisive vision.

Dwindlers muddle along organically with whatever people “God provides.”

Growers NEVER reward dysfunctional people and systems by propping them up or dancing around them.

Dwindlers tap dance in fear of the 800lb gorillas who have seized (or fallen into) power in their ministry.

The G’s wait until they’re doing a couple things really well before adding a third. Their stuff is thoughtful, compelling.

The D’s, by contrast, “empower” people to do whatever ministry activity they feel led to do. Their stuff is spread out, disconnected.

G’s pay the price to develop a culture of evaluation and accountability.

D’s don’t dare.

So let’s say I visit two ministries. The first is crisp, simple, thoughtful, prayed up. 65 minutes fly by. I hang out afterward for a cup of coffee.

The second is kinda sloppy. Wrong people up front. Music is a C-. 88 minutes aggravate my squirm threshold. Afterward, I bolt for the door.

To which ministry will I return next week?

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