A We Thing

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I’ve always thought of myself as having something to offer the ministry profession.

Lately I’m reconsidering that thought. I’m changing it to what WE have to offer the ministry profession.

Who is “we”?

We is the people who send me out there to do God’s work.

I recently talked with a successful person in the marketplace who is producing a lot of service, but without much input in his life.

He’s feeling thin. Spiritually skinny.

My point is that I got nuttin’.

I got nothing to offer students on college campuses or my cussing golf buddies or the Sunday school class that I teach or my pastor when I meet with him or the young couples without church homes that I counsel and whose weddings I officiate.

Quality input generates quality output. It’s a communal thing. It’s a we thing.

Some of you are part of my we. Thank you for that. Thank you for your input.

But lack of input leaves us powerless to effect change or make a difference in people’s lives.

How’s your input quotient these days? How’s the we factor?

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