Atheism Part 2: Atheists and Faith

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Recently I had the privilege of engaging in an informal discussion with an atheist student (“Matt”) in front of a class at a prominent local high school.

After the class period, Matt said to me that he wished he and I could come to an agreement on the definition of faith.


I’ve always enjoyed the company of atheists. I seem to click with them.

But they can be sneaky on this question of faith.

Their definition of faith is believing without any evidence, and they tend to impose this definition on me.

But my definition is believing because of the evidence.

So what do you think? Should I go with the atheist definition (Matt’s), or with my own definition and experience of faith?

That’s easy. It’s my faith. I can define it however I choose (that is, from within my theological tradition).

Folks, Christian philosophers remind us that we are under no moral or intellectual obligation to play by atheist rules in our discussions.

I think it unlikely that Matt and I could settle on a common definition of faith.

After all, by my definition, he has as much faith as I do.

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