Sorry for the all the blog notices today

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Dear subscribers, Multiple emails went out from by blog site today into your inbox. Sorry about that. I’m working with a developer to migrate to a new website, and something malfunctioned today. The developer is working to correct it. I’ll check in again tomorrow. Again, my apologies.

“Meta” Part 2 of 2: Intellectual Virtue

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In the prior post I mentioned three criteria for evaluating religious truth claims: coherence, explanatory ability, and evidence. These criteria, however, are mere concepts. They don’t do any work in themselves. A crucial question then is, What is our part? What is our personal responsibility for properly utilizing the three criteria? The meta I’d like to suggest that our part …

“Meta” Part 1 of 2: Evaluating Religious Truth Claims

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Meta: I’m trying in this series to get at how we think about issues. That’s different than examining the issues themselves. Hence “meta” — to think about our thinking. One day Mormon missionaries came to my door. I invited them in. I’ve always had an affection for the LDS (Latter Day Saints). They encouraged me to read the Book of …

Evangelism for All Time, Part 5: Front Door, Side Door (conversation skills)

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Part 4, “Reverse Evangelism” is here. In evangelistic conversation, start with the Side Door In witness, when you begin a statement with the words, “As a Christian, I . . . ,” you’re using the Side Door. That is, you’re telling something of your story and beliefs. You’re being testimonial. For example, you might say, “As a Christian, I pray …

Evangelism for All Time, Part 4: Reverse Evangelism

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The previous post on discerning God’s voice is here Recently I was turned from subject to object, from evangelist to evangelized. As is my custom on the golf course, I got talking with my playing partners about the topic of religion. They were an older couple bubbling with good humor and grace. Their identification on the 6th hole as “Jehovah’s …

Evangelism for All Time: Part 2. God Goes Before Us

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Part 1 is here. One day on an airplane I sat next to Elam, a world traveler. His particular mode of travel, I soon learned, was quite unique. He navigated around the globe in a small sailboat — solo. My imagination immediately took flight. Questions ensued about dangerous storms on the high seas, lonely star-speckled nights, radio communications, exotic ports …

Evangelism for All Time, Part 1

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By the grace of God I’ve served as an evangelism trainer (and trainee!) for four decades. And again by the grace of God I’ve shared Christ with many. From these experiences I’d like to suggest some ideas about evangelism for you and your campus or church. To begin, I’ll mention that my wife Sharon and I are big fans of …