Character 6: Unholy Thoughts

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Four ideas for cleansing the mind:

1. Don’t feed the beast. My former pastor, Brian Myers, once included a cartoon in a sermon on purity which showed a sign next to some wild animals that read, “Don’t feed the beasts.”

The lesson was about cutting off nourishment to the sin nature (the beast) in each of us.

Turn off the TV and other media; avoid certain subject matter with certain people. Learn to say, “Don’t go there.”

2. Flee. Related to #1, Scripture tells us to run from temptation, avoiding situations that spur sinful impulses.*

In Daring to Draw Near, author John White pointed out that if King David had been leading his armies in battle rather than lounging about the royal palace, he’d have avoided a forbidden tryst with his neighbor’s wife.**

Thus, one way to “flee” is to engage in productive activity.

3. Meditate. With the Psalmist who “meditates on his law day and night,” memorize and recite favorite scriptures.

A good habit both for bedtime and “first thoughts” in the morning.***

4. Share.¬†Two of my pals, Bill and Mark, share with me from the gut and bear my burdens (and I their’s). Created in God’s image, we are meant for community. Isolation breaks down discipline.

* Flee: I Corinthians 6:18, 10:14, 1 Timothy 6:11, 2 Timothy 2:22

** Daring to Draw Near, chapter 4

*** Mine include all or parts of Psalm 1, 23, 63, 130, John 15

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