Character 9: Finding Yourself

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After a recent meeting with a college student at a school in Minnesota, I went away thinking, Wow, she really knows herself.

I don’t often think that. Imagine it: 21 years old and self-knowledge squarely in place.

I can’t say the same for myself at 21 or 31 — or . . .

Maybe at 51 I was getting a clue.

Five characteristics I see in the mirror these days:

  • Quiet
  • Thinker
  • Motivated
  • Big-picture oriented
  • Teacher

That’s a representative sample.

Two points for your consideration:

1. Know thyself. Hopefully you’re quicker than me to figure out the person inside.

So, who are you? Name 5-10 of your God-given traits.

Write me with your list! I’d love to know.

Hint: you probably need community — wise friends and colleagues — to figure this out accurately.

2. Accept what’s missing. It’s tough to admit my gaps. Holes in my profile. Settling on a “self” is great — except I find myself saying, “Darn. That’s it? That’s all I’ve got? Seems skinny.”

I wish for a host of additional characteristics that would “complete” me as a person.

But then, if I had all that I wouldn’t need you, would I?

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