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Rick Mattson has written a book about struggling people who have an authentic and sometimes messy encounter with a delightful and disturbing and wooing God.  Whatever your faith background or orientation, you will be inspired and encouraged by these real life and powerful stories!

– Dr. Rick Richardson
Director of Academic Programs, Church Outreach Initiative and Research
Wheaton College and the Billy Graham Center
Author: Experiencing Healing Prayer and The Heart of Racial Justice


We’re all so busy, so harried and worn, and our world is so full of noise and echo-chambers that it’s a rare thing to find stories that cut through the din and compel us to listen. The ten people in this book are offering us a gift. They have willingly stripped away the usual noise and ‘facade’ and bared their lives to us by way of their personal stories. Therein they have invited us to a “pause-point” saying, basically, “Hey! Take a break! Slow down, give me your attention, and let me share with you something remarkable, something that you might want, and something that you can have!” It may be easy to dismiss one story as an anomaly, but ten diverse people from around the world, different cultures, different issues, coming to a shared realization: “God cares about me personally and He’s offering me just the thing that I’m so hungry for!” – that’s hard to ignore. I think that the reader will find it hard to put this book down, and will be compelled to share the stories with others.

– Dr. Michael Hein, M.D.
Healthcare CEO


Jesus said that coming to faith in him was like being born all over again.  Being born is a miraculous, messy, unforgettable thing.  So… is coming to faith in Jesus just as miraculous?  Just as messy?  Just as unforgettable?  In Faith Unexpected Rick Mattson helps us find out the answers to those questions ourselves.  These are true stories of re-birth you will not soon forget.

– Don Everts
Author: Jesus with Dirty Feet: a down-to-earth look at Jesus for the curious and skeptical. And co-author of I Once Was Lost: What Postmodern Skeptics Taught Us About Their Path to Jesus


Everyone likes stories—especially accounts of turnarounds and life change—and in Rick Mattson’s book, you’ll discover a diverse group of people with unique journeys, on their way to an unexpected destination.  You may recognize yourself in some, or know of someone who took a similar path.  What’s evident in each story is the gentle, persistent grace of God bringing about transformation and hope.  Expect the unexpected and enjoy the journey.

– Neil Stavem
Director of Programming, Faith Radio Network, St. Paul, MN


Reading Faith Unexpected was like experiencing a Billy Graham crusade in a book.  Everyone’s journey in getting to the crusade is unique, but the work that God does for each person is always the same – miraculous life transformation.  The ten transformational miracles that Rick documents in this book, including his own, were all very inspirational for me, and I think they will inspire ALL who read this book, whichever side of the faith decision line they currently are on.

– Dane Anderson
President and Chief Executive Officer, FAST Global Solutions, Inc.


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