Essentials Part 10: Proper Slotting

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Ministry Growth Essentials thus far:

  1. Healthy at the core.
  2. High quality, low complexity.
  3. Prayed up.
  4. Outreach (evangelism) is indispensable.
  5. Leadership is a privilege.
  6. Positive Traditions

7. This week’s Essential: 
Proper Slotting

Recently I spent some time with a highly talented ministry person. Unfortunately her position was not a good “fit” for her. 

We agreed that she could gut it out for a couple of years before a change was needed . . . 

Place people in the right slot and they’re unstoppable.

Place them in the wrong slot and they’re un-unstoppable

Indeed. They stop themselves.

Three reasons for improper slotting
(I believe this applies to volunteers as well as professionals.)
  • Fill a need. This is OK for awhile. A stop-gap measure, however.
  • Lack of self-knowledge. Sometimes you get into your 30s before figuring this out. Maybe even your 50s!
  • Organizational insensitivity. The ministry puts you in the wrong slot and thinks it’s OK. 
Signs of being in the wrong slot:
  • Tired all the time. Can’t seem to get fully rested.
  • Job feels like learned behavior. Not natural.
  • Ministry results are so-so or worse.
  • For the professional: Demarcation between work time and personal time is clear and highly valued. 
Signs of being in the right slot:
  • Work/voluntering is fun, rewarding. Not just the results but the actual practice.
  • Work/volunteering seems to flow out of you in a natural way. Results are generally positive.
  • Sure, you get tired. But recovery time is fairly fast.
  • For the professional: Demarcation between work and personal life can be blurry and isn’t that important to you (which can be problematic in its own way).
Whole ministries can thrive or struggle, depending on the slotting of a few key people.

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