Essentials part 13: Getting Quality Feedback

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This is the last installment in my series on Essentials for ministry growth.

I appreciate the many comments I’ve received from my readership of 300-400 (mostly on email).


This week: Growing ministries use regular Feedback mechanisms. They find out what their people are thinking, what they want and don’t want.

Then (and this is huge), they have the wisdom not to do what everyone wants.

I’d like to suggest some some simple ways to get feedback (and use it wisely):

  1. Use surveys. Survey Monkey is a good one, here:
  2. Look for overall patterns in the feedback that’s given. Don’t let a few pointed comments overwhelm the process. 
  3. In meetings: Don’t assume the loudest voices are always the wisest — or that they even represent the overall opinion of the group.
  4. Intentionally draw quiet voices into the conversation. This is a skill I find missing in many leaders.

    Leaders need to say, “OK, we’ve heard from J and A. Now M, what do you think?” Then, back to J: “What do you think of what M just said?”

  5. Seek out wise team members individually. Sometimes you’ll hear more helpful comments in the freedom of a private chat than in an intimidating group meeting.

Feedback + Plans + Goals leads to Wisdom (I’m also assuming prayer and outside counsel as well. But focusing on feedback today).

I give my pastor, Jason Stonehouse, a lot of credit. He actively seeks opinions and feedback from his leaders. 
As an example, he’s invited me to do worship service assessments (including the sermon) any time I wish, which I often do. Now that’s gutsy.

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