Essentials Part 7: Leadership is a Privilege

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Regarding the ministry “growth Essentials” I’ve been blogging about, I wish I could say the concepts are new and profound, but that’s not the case.

They’re really quite simple, in theory:

1. Healthy at the core.
2. High quality, low complexity (two posts).
3. Prayed up.
4. Outreach is indispensable (two posts).

Essential #5: Leadership is a Privilege.

This idea is tied into #1 above. Ministries that are healthy at the core tend to reproduce themselves.

Today I’d like to offer some observations “from the gut” about leadership teams:

Struggling teams:

  • Are comprised of members who show up late, leave early and fail to notify anyone when they’re absent.
  • Either have autocratic leaders or weak leaders who are “too humble” to assert themselves.
  • Are disorganized and are dominated by the strongest (but not always wisest) voices.
  • Don’t have reliable communication systems (that people actually use), such as email, Google docs, etc.
  • Have to beg and cajole people to do things.
  • Are not in prayer and scripture together. Plus, they’re no fun.
Thriving teams:
  • Love Jesus and each other. 
  • Spend time in scripture, prayer and community-building.
  • Are comprised of members who all make roughly the same commitment. They don’t “carry” anyone.
  • Are led by strong, sensitive leaders who know how to mine the wisdom of everyone present.
  • Have clear goals and systems, and get important work accomplished.
  • Are attractive to prospective members. This is the leadership pipeline.
  • Require training.
I keep thinking of how short my life is and what a privilege and joy it is to serve on a thriving team. 

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