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Faith Unexpected: Real Stories of People Who Found What They Never Imagined

How did Pentagon military strategist Donald Wellington find faith in God? Not the way you’d expect – not through attending church or reading the Bible. In fact, Donald discovered faith in ways that he never expected.

Or Deedra Reyes, Hopi Native American girl – how did she find faith? By traversing the mountains of northern Arizona in search of spiritual truth? No. Nothing like that. It had more to do with evil spirits, a 9mm Glock and a father who . . . well, you can read her story for yourself.

Faith Unexpected is a collection of real stories of people who found faith they weren’t looking for – faith, in fact, they never imagined for themselves.

Detroit native York Moore, for example, was a persecutor of believers at the University of Michigan. He never saw faith in his future, certainly not in the “death wish” he eventually brought upon himself.

Or Sarah Gross. She grew up in a liberal family in San Francisco and learned to hate on Christians for their homophobia, racism and pretty much all the ills of society. Then she visited a spirit channeler . . .

So if you are a believer who loves to read inspiring stories, or a spiritual seeker or skeptic looking to awaken your dormant faith (or find faith for the first time), this is the perfect book for you.

The accounts feature ordinary folks from around the country who are diverse in age – from twenties to near seventy – and ethnicity – including Black, Asian, Latino, Native and White.

A reflection guide included will help you think through the implications of the stories and, if you wish, discuss with a friend.

If you simply cannot imagine a scenario where a certain friend of yours finds faith in God, then give that person this book. And if you are trying to kindle your own faith into full functionality, give yourself this book.

Lastly, if you’re a person who simply cannot see yourself ever finding faith in God, then Faith Unexpected throws down the challenge: Take a risk. Pick up a copy of the book. Read the stories. Something might happen in your soul that you never imagined.

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Author: Rick Mattson

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Intended Audiences:

  • Friends who are “on the way” toward God
  • First-time church visitors
  • Alpha participants, outreach Bible study members, etc.
  • Anyone who wants to be inspired by the powerful faith stories of others.

ISBN: 978-0-692-04899-3   

Page count: 120

Published by MattsonOutreach, 2018

Imprint: Pavement Publishing

Price: $10  Order Faith Unexpected 
Free shipping on orders of ten or more books.

Price: $12 from on-line retailers

Bulk discounts available for churches. Write to us at for more information. The book is a tailor-made gift for first-time visitors to the following: your church, Sunday School, Adult Ed., Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Alpha participants, outreach Bible studies, etc. Consider giving it away at Easter and Christmas. Free samples available for pastors and ministry leaders (write to us at

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