Finding Your Slot

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Recently I made the extremely difficult decision to withdraw from the music ministry at Grace Church Roseville.

The Mattson brothers started with
music early in life.
That’s me posing with the trumpet.

I’ve been in music non-stop since childhood. Were my late father, Donn Mattson, still around, he might be disappointed.

Why did I do it?

Ten reasons. I’ll name one. Perhaps you will find this instructive for your own ministry life:

Ability: I do fine as a weekend guitarist, but nothing extraordinary. Rather, my main abilities lie in teaching.

So I’ve moved into the teaching ministry at GCR, and it seems to suite me. It is, as they say, a “good fit.”

What’s your main thing? For what has God gifted you?

Serve there, if you can. Find your sweet spot. If everyone did, many problems in the local church would be eliminated.

Quality would go up. Burn-out would go down.

And satisfaction would go way up — both for the servant and the served.

* * * * *

Next week: barriers to landing in your sweet spot.

P.S.: Our fine music minister, Will Lopes, still allows me to join the band on occasion. I trust my dad is watching.

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