Hosting Rick


Hi folks, Thanks for hosting me at your campus/event! Here are some keys to successful ministry during my stay, and also a few of my preferences–like, Diet Pepsi  🙂

Pray for my safe arrival and the readiness of your group and campus. I notice it everywhere I go–when the mission is bathed in prayer, stuff happens!
If possible, set up an initial time when I can meet with core students/ faculty. We need to establish trust so that students feel comfortable inviting their friends to our events.
I bring office work and reading with me wherever I go.

So don’t feel pressure to keep me busy all the time. Some days are packed with appointments and workshops and speaking–I love that. But other days are not; that’s OK. I like people but I need my down time and alone time as well.

Note: My usual schedule is to be off campus in the mornings for prep and rest, then come to campus for lunch and stay till . . . whenever. 🙂

I’d prefer to stay with staff, donors or faculty, rather than in a hotel. And if I can please have my own room/bed, I’ll be a happy (and productive!) camper. My wife Sharon doesn’t normally travel with me.
I’m not a picky eater, so I travel pretty well.

  • Breakfast: I like simple breakfasts–Cheerios (plain) or other healthy cereal, skim milk, banana.
  • Lunch/Dinner: I’ll have whatever my host is having, or if I’m with staff/students on campus, whatever the campus deli/cafeteria offers is fine. If I’m making my own meals: sandwiches with hummus and veggie/meat fixin’s is good.
  • If we go out to eat: Most ethnic cuisines are great! I’m esp. fond of Mexican, Greek, Mediterranean, Indian, Asian and Italian — not to mention seafood, sushi and good old Americana.
  • Beverages: Diet Pepsi (with caffeine to keep me awake. Bottles are best). Or Diet Coke is second choice.
  • Coffee/tea hot drinks: Nope. Cold drinks are my thing.
More and more, I’m connecting with faculty on campus. Sometimes they are official advisors for InterVarsity, sometimes not. Sometimes they are not even Christians. That is OK. I hope you’ll set up at least one appointment with a faculty member every time I come to your campus. Thanks!
I’d love to meet with leaders from Campus Orgs such as Secular Student Alliance and other atheist/skeptics groups on campus. Dialogue with these folks can spark a ton of great conversations — either with the atheist folks themselves, or seekers who overhear our interactions.
How to introduce me when I speak. I get this question a lot. Pick from a few of these items. No need to say everything.

  • I’ve been on InterVarsity staff since 1981. 
  • I live in St. Paul, MN.
  • I have a wife–Sharon, two kids and three grandsons.
  • I’m an avid (hard core!) golfer.
  • I’ve played the electric guitar all my life
  • I love theology and philosophy
  • When I’m not traveling, I work with the InterVarsity chapter at Hamline University in Minnesota.
  • A weird fact about me: I once spent a day with the Ambassador to the US from the country of Libya–playing golf and going to dinner, in Washington DC. We had a great time!
Consider setting aside time for this workshop for staff and chapter leaders, perhaps later in the week. It’s a 10-part curriculum but I usually only do 3-4 parts of it at a time.


Free for InterVarsity groups. I pay my own travel and don’t accept honoraria. I ask that my hosts cover my housing (no hotels. I stay with staff, donors, faculty, volunteers) and meals while I’m on site.

For churches and other campus groups: contact me. We’ll talk!

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