Is Christianity Trustworthy? Part 1: God in a Box

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The question of whether Christianity is trustworthy was the topic of a series of Bethel University Chapel services in the fall of 2014, St. Paul, MN (where I live).

I was privileged to be one of the presenters.*

In the weeks leading up to the service, I thought this to myself:

Non-mandatory chapel, busy students . . . Mmm, out of 3300 undergrads maybe a hundred or so will show up. 

Not even close.

800 students turned out to hear my talk, not because I’m famous (definitely not), but because the question of trust is a potential deal-breaker for the faith of this generation.

With radical equality as a main starting point these days, any particular religion or way of life — including one’s own — is not privileged over any other.

Thus today’s young people do not easily trust the tradition handed down to them from previous generations.

The main point of my talk was this: If we take Christianity on its own terms, it’s trustworthy.

But if we say to God something like this:

“Unless you fit into my box, unless you prove yourself to me on my terms, I’m not going to believe in you . . . ”

. . . we’re likely to be disappointed.

More on that next time.

* Audio of the talk is here: (Trustworthy #10. Date: 9-26-14     30 minutes in length):  

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