Love Your Atheist Neighbor Part 1: But How?

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Over the past year I’ve been engaged in intense conversation with two atheists who are friends with each other.

One is a professor at a private college.

The other is a former pastor who discarded his unsupported faith for the evidence-based naturalism* he currently embraces.

This trialogue comes at a strategic time for me. At the coming Urbana 15 Convention, I’m slated to lead a seminar called “Love Your Atheist Neighbor.”

Nothing beats live experience!

So what’s the best way to relate to atheists? Is it to make good arguments, or just show them God’s love?

I’ll talk about it next week.


*Naturalism is the worldview that says nature is all there is; there is no supernatural realm. The word naturalism is often used as a synonym for atheism.


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