Make Us One, Father God

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When the stars converged to bring Sharon’s three sisters to our living room one evening in August, I cheered their decision to don the headphones and preserve their remarkable harmonies forever (or as long as MP3s exist) as a blessing to others.

Brenda, Sharon, Linda (not pictured: Charlotte)

The best of the seven songs recorded, in my opinion, is

“Make Us One, Father God” (click to listen. 2:07 in length)
(arranged by the sisters’ brother, Brad Doeden). 

Make us one Father God, Make us one

That the world may know you gave your only son
Fill us with the love you’ve given us to share
And protect us from the evil everywhere
For you have chosen that together we should be 

A reflection of your love and unity
Cleanse us from our old nature of sin 
That your image may be seen in man again
Send us in the world to be a channel of
All the glorious riches of your love
And we’ll tell the world the truth of how you feel
That the world may know that Jesus’ love is real

One of my most responded-to blog posts ever was a video of the sisters singing last June at historic Emmanuel United Methodist Church. That post is here.

If you wish to hear the other songs from the living room session, just email me at, and I’ll send you the links.

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