Marriage Part 7: The Marriage Triangle

Rick Mattson Devotion Leave a Comment

I like diagrams.

The Marriage Triangle is a favorite diagram of mine because it’s simple and profound. Here’s how it works:

As Sharon and I move “north” on the triangle toward the Lord Jesus, we move closer to each other as a married couple.

The opposite is also true. Moving south creates more space between us.

A critic may object that couples all over the world enjoy healthy marriages with no such Christian beliefs.

I would agree, to a point.

The Triangle, however, is based on the premise that God is the one who calls couples together.

Thus, embracing Jesus as the “integrating center” of a marriage reflects, truly, a match made in heaven.

The engaged couples I work with often think of religion as merely one segment of a broader life. One slice of a pie, perhaps.

That would be a very different diagram.

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