Marriage Part 8: Tone of Voice

Rick Mattson Devotion Leave a Comment

A couple I know has been married 40+ years.

Recently I spent a few days with them.

Three things I noticed:

1. They listen to each other.

2. They’re polite to each other.

3. They serve each other.

#2 above, politeness, is in danger of becoming a dinosaur in our culture, even in marriage.

Just look at TV and social media, which adore the sassy lady, the irreverent guy.  “Courteous and thoughtful,” by contrast, is seen as boring.

* * *

I wish to be a polite husband. Tone of voice matters. Whatever the specific content of my words to Sharon, I want them wrapped in a package that says, “I respect you, I value you, I’m thinking of your needs.”

But how easy it is to be a bit rude and crabby with those closest to us — and supposedly get away with it.

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