Marriage Part 9: Uncommon Interests

Rick Mattson Devotion Leave a Comment

Sharon and I don’t have a lot in common.

Certainly not decorating, sewing, health food, or much of anything about home and garden.

Ditto for board games, crafts.

Surely not theology, writing, public speaking or spy novels.

And with 100% philosophical certitude I can tell you: not golf.

Honestly, it’s been a struggle our entire marriage of 32.5 years.

Lack of overlapping hobbies and pursuits can frustrate both spouses.

On the other hand, some couples are blessed with major common interests such as music, hiking, travel, art — you name it.

Not us.

I guess we both like restaurants, old movies, long walks.

That’s not a lot to build on.

Instead, we try hold it together with common values. 

Values trump interests.

Fortunately, we both value church and family, keeping our word, saving and giving, work, sabbath, play, love languages, quietude.

Yawn . . .

Really exciting list, eh?

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