My System for Loving God

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Spend a few days with me and you’ll find out I am a systematic person.

Not naturally, however. Not like Sharon Mattson, who just automatically does things in order.

No, all my systems are constructed. And I follow them religiously. Otherwise, I pay the price, as does everyone in my path: anarchy followed closely by chaos.

So a hard question for me is, What is my “system” for loving God?

Not thinking rightly about God. Not fulfilling my vocation in ministry for God. But loving God.

In the Bible I find that loving God has a lot to do with transparency, repentance and obedience.

It’s also about having a sensitive and soft heart toward God.

I recently wrote this in my journal:

“Do I regularly repent and believe, or is Christian faith, for me, merely a system (or metasystem) for ‘doing life well,’ the ultimate utility?”

 Fellow systematizers, beware.

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  1. Great words – transparency, repentance and obedience. And good reminders to be humble before God.
    See you later, Rick.
    (Mike Stavreff)

  2. I appreciate your thoughts on this and other topics. This one particularly as it has to do with the greatest commandment, which easily positioned as the least. I having been finding Psalm 105:1-5 somewhat loving God can be elusive. Let's talk sometime about what it means to “glory in his holy name” as well as “seek his face always”.

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