Organizational Health, Part 2

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Last week I wrote of a veteran employee who tends to go against the grain in his ministry organization.

He has set up his own little fiefdom where he enjoys successful ministry along with several devotees.

Additionally, it’s not hard to imagine this person as somewhat intimidating to other employees and even management.

So, from the perspective of organizational leadership, better to leave him alone in his domain, right?

Accept the benefits of his success? Allow him to color outside the lines? Allow him to be an exception to all the rules?

* * *

A parishioner of a megachurch in my town once quoted his pastor to me, thusly:

“We don’t reward disfunction.”

Translation: We don’t put tons of time into appeasing or even fixing persistent dissent. Rather, we ask the person to make a change or leave the organization.

Harsh words to the sensitive ears of Americans who love an antihero.

But, in my estimation, wise words nonetheless.

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