Reflections from 56, Part 2

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I’ve noticed since turning 56 that I’m not as smart as I used to be. 

As a young man I was pretty sure I knew better than most how to fix the church.
The thought was to break with tradition and move church folk out to the cutting edge of radical methods in evangelism, leadership and worship.
I figured it was “transform or die” — now.
From the duller perspective of gray hair, however, I’m thinking that . . .  
  • Cultural change in a church or other ministry is a long process that unfolds incrementally.
  • The starting points of transformation are prayer and healthy partnerships. 
  • If my motives for working to “improve” the institution are entangled much with anger or self-promotion or my own comfort, I’m on the wrong track.
I must be getting senile in middle age  🙂 

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  1. I have to agree with “entangled much with … my own comfort”. Is being introverted a valid excuse? (I know, I was just asking…)

  2. Mike, I've seriously thought about the introvert question. Seems like there are, in fact, places in the church for introverts to serve naturally — jobs which are task-oriented (buildings, grounds, administration, research), and also prayer ministry.

    Less naturally, seems like us introverts (I am a mild introvert) are called to move outside our places of comfort at times, into challenging situations that stretch us relationally and emotionally — at least in short-term doses.

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