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Me trying to say something helpful to college students at Cedar Campus, MI

Every year for about two weeks in May I spend more time with college students than my usual high dosage.

And it always comes just when I’m being released from winter-time prison in MN, so it’s a little tough on my golf game.

But holy cow, them students gots tons a questions.

Questions about ministry and theology, and of course about their personal lives. In fact, these three topics run together and overlap with each other so much that half the time I don’t know if I am acting as pastor, counselor, or theologian.

Nor does it matter, I guess.

Folks, NOW HEAR THIS: The church must find ways to engage the questions of their high school and college students. They are starving for answers.

But here’s the tough part: They don’t appear to be that curious.

Just try asking them what their questions are. They won’t respond. They won’t tell you.


Because they don’t know what their questions are.

That means the sensitive evangelist or discipler must know how to evoke their questions, draw them out, get them talking. That’s the art in all this.

Students are more interested in the great questions (and the small ones) than they think they are.

So how do we draw them out?

Next week I’ll unveil the grand secret.

Or maybe it will just be a meek suggestion 🙂

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