Teaching an early Creed

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Apologists often point to 1 Cor 15:3-4 as an early creed that was in use among Christians shortly after the resurrection of Jesus (within 2-5 years).

You may remember that the text speaks of Christ’s atoning death, his resurrection and appearances to the twelve.

If the creed goes back as far as we think, it works AGAINST the argument of critics that Jesus as “Son of God,” miracle worker, risen Lord, was invented by the church in subsequent decades. . .

Stop there. Let’s say I’m presenting something like the above material to a youth ministry or collegiate fellowship that is comprised of both Christian (“C”) and nonChristian (“NC”) students, as I regularly do.

The “midreach” approach I’ve been discussing for three weeks aims to give something of value to both C and NC at the same time. And if the crowd is tilted a little more toward one or the other, I wouldn’t adjust much.

In my view, both C and NC students will come to trust this kind of teaching (assuming age-appropriate material) if, over time, they are learning something new that matters to their life.

And eventually they will bring their friends.

Question for you: Could some form of midreach be a helpful approach at your church/ministry?

Next week: my list of descriptors for what I consider to be powerful midreach.

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