The Camel’s Nose

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My friend Dr. Bob Osburn at the University of MN notes how the arrival of postmodernity actually creates space for Christians on campus in a backwards sort of way:

“There is little doubt that postmodernism has been the camel’s nose under the tent, and, thus, alternative, nontraditional worldviews like Christianity have found a place to enter and engage the academic conversation.”

In other words, every group on campus is supposed to have a place at the table to speak. Even Christians.

A fabulous opportunity for us!

But wait a second. Many of our sharpest students are not sitting at the table at all. Instead, they’re attending Christian colleges (including my son).

Question: Do you think the church has a vision for reaching the secular university? If so, are we willing to send our best and brightest students there as missionaries?

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  1. Great question. I don't think people normally see the campuses as a mission field.

    There are organizations on campus that help Christian students and do some outreach.

    But like I said…I don't believe we've thought of it as a mission field…really.

    So…SEND THEM!!

  2. Thanks Peter. My fear is that if families can't afford a private Christian school they send their kids to a secular school and simply hope they don't fall away. Not enough thought thought is given to sending students to college as missionaries–including advance preparation.

  3. I have come to believe that the only way for a Christian to keep their faith in a secular college setting is to fully live out that faith in the college context, especially in mission.

    Any group that “circles the wagons” is dooming many of their members to a loss of faith.

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