The Drifter

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I’m a drifter.

No, not a vagabond. Different kind of drifter: I daydream, float, meander.

If you know me fairly well this might surprise you. Outwardly, I appear highly organized — maybe even “focused.”

But if you know me beyond “fairly,” to REALLY well, you know that my head is in the clouds most of the time.

Yes, I can tell you what I read on page 37 of a philosophy book ten years ago.┬áJust don’t ask me where my car keys are. Or where I left my new track jacket.

The magic solution to my severe case of the floats?


Systems don’t seem very spiritual to some, but in my case they’re my only hope for showing up at my appointment with you at the correct coffee shop on the correct date, maybe even arriving five minutes early.

Furthermore, systems are my only hope for telling Sharon, my wife, that I love her. Yeah, I confess, I actually create a plan for taking out the recycling and fixing the mower and maintaining the vehicle. Sharon “hears” these chores as true love.

Highly motivating for me.

What’s my system? Next week I’ll tell you. If you’re a bit of an airhead like yours truly, I think you’ll be blessed.

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