The Hiddenness of God: Part 4

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A Sampling of God’s Clues

Last post I mentioned that God doesn’t offer proof of his existence. Rather, he leaves clues, of which I will mention three:

1. Nature

God’s revelation in nature is open to interpretation. The believer sees the glory of God plainly in the vast heavens, in the DNA molecule and the like.

The skeptic sees impersonal forces at work.

God seems to be saying, The universe is a reflection of my character and beauty. I offer it to you as a gift, but don’t mistake the gift for the giver.

2. The Historical Jesus

A strong case can be made that the Son of God entered human history, died on a cross and rose from the dead. *

Notice that the study of history is essentially a clue-oriented project.

That is, history is about probabilities, signs, indicators. Not proof.

God seems to be saying, I planted a major clue in the soil of history. Search it out. I’m there for the finding. But you must seek me with an open heart. Otherwise, you will find ways to explain away this clue.

3. The Church

The body of Christ is the best apologetic for the Christian faith.

At least in theory.

What do I mean?

Christ is made manifest in and through his people. To the extent that we love him and reflect his character to the world, he will be made visible.

The opposite is also true. Christian lives poorly lived obscure God’s presence.


My one minute of your time is up. These three clues are a sample of many that could be offered.

The conclusion?

God asks us to play the role of detective. He seems to be saying, The clues are everywhere — if only you have the eyes to see them.

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* See posts beginning Feb 17, 2013 on the historical Jesus. 

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