The Law Requires. . .

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I’d like to share with you one of my primary internal commands (command to self):

Rick, you are supposed to be busy, productive, responsible and well-rounded.
These aspirations require that I run pretty fast in life.
Why do I do it?
The answer is not hard to find. But it is hard to admit: I must accomplish all these things in order to fulfill the law and be justified.
If you are a New Testament believer, you’ll find this sort of justification, when it is named in such an obvious way, off-putting.
So do I.
Yet, the desire to fulfill the law, whether that of Mt. Sinai or another source, can be overwhelming.
My spiritual director, Wayne, often asks me why I do things. He doesn’t show a lot of concern for the things themselves. He’s fine with my being a motivated, productive person.
He just wants to know what drives me. . . .

It’s an on-going conversation. 🙂

I find this verse to be quite liberating: “We have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit” (Rom 7:6).

Perhaps this verse will be an encouragement to you as well, fellow laborers.

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