The Modern, Postmodern University, part 5: a critical pause.

Rick Mattson Apologetics, Evangelism Leave a Comment

In this multi-part series, we’re talking about how to reach out with the message of Christ to four student profiles:

  1. The truly postmodern student (March 6 post).
  2. The truly modern student (March 13 post).
  3. The modern student with a postmodern veneer (next week).
  4. The postmodern student with a modern veneer (likely in two weeks).
But now I want to pause and say that in my many travels to college campuses, I can tell when I’m entering into a situation that is all prayed up:
Dorm lounges, student unions, quads and classrooms feel like sacred space, as if God is walking in the cool of the garden around campus.
I am convinced that we won’t reach any¬†of the four profiles unless we plant the garden of prayer.

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