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College students are more interested in thinking than they think they are.

For evangelical students, the subculture in which they’ve been raised tends to be strong on worship, devotion, service, maybe even outreach.

The missing piece? Biblical/theological grounding.

Families, youth ministries and collegiate ministries do a grave injustice to students when we withhold such grounding. We assume young people are not interested. We say to ourselves, “A.D.D. video game culture trumps theology any day. Why fight it?”

But what if we made Bible study interesting? What if theology and apologetics were made relevant?

Here’s the hard part. My generation (and older) has trouble separating theological teaching from a certain form of delivery: lecture.

No wonder students are bored.

But if students are, in fact, more interested in thinking than they (and we) think they are, we need to rehab our delivery system and make scripture and theology. . . engaging.

Yeah, I’m saying the problem is as much our fault as theirs. Folks, I can tell you from personal experience that they (students) are ready to roll. But are we?

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