Tongue Unleashed

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My life-long friends Kathe and Dave led me in a very specific prayer recently as we cruised in my 2004 Ford Explorer along a country road:

Lord, use us.

Yes, I’m an evangelist/apologist. I’m trained, skilled, etc. YET, it’s shocking to me how often my fragile ego puts a gag order on my tongue, insisting that Now’s not the time to share Christ. You’ll come off as pushy. You’ll turn people off. Take more time to love before blurting out something ill-timed and stupid.

Lord, use us.

That day I talked with five people about faith in five separate conversations. Tongue loosed.

Yesterday on the 11th tee box it happened again. My buddy was joking about heaven and hell so I took a chance: But how’re you going to GET to heaven, Joe?

He said something about treating people well, and I gave him my most skeptical look. Then we were off to the races, gospel-speaking.

It’s a simple prayer: Lord, use me. Use us.

Will you pray that prayer with Kathe, Dave and me this week?

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