About Me

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About Me

  • I’ve worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1981.
  • I completed my MA in the Philosophy of Religion at Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, MN.
  • Currently, I travel to college campuses across the country doing speaking and training in apologetics and student leadership development.
  • My wife Sharon and I live in St. Paul and we have two wonderful children and seven grandchildren.
  • We are active at Grace Church Roseville where Sharon is in music and women’s ministry, and I’m on the teaching team.
  • A serious golfer, I’ve played the game my whole life. Yeah!

Philosophy of Ministry

I am committed to:

  • InterVarsity’s Doctrinal Basis, Purpose Statement, Core Values and Vision
  • Respectful dialog with “friend and foe” alike in the free exchange of ideas in the University
  • Finding common ground with neighboring ministries and other faiths, without having to agree on everything.

Sampling of Authors I Read

In the Philosophy of Religion


Alvin Plantinga | C.Stephen Evans | C.S. Lewis | Douglas Groothius | J.P. Moreland | James Sire | Nicolas Wolterstorff

Paul Copan | Richard Swinburne | Robin Collins | William Lane Craig | 

Skeptics of Christian Theism: Antony Flew | Christopher Hitchens | J.L. Mackie | John Hick | Kai Nielsen

Michael Martin | Richard Dawkins | Thomas Nagel | William Rowe 

In biblical/historical studies

Evangelical/orthodox: Craig Blomberg | D.A. Carson | Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart | N.T. Wright | Paul Eddy

Liberal/critical: J.D. Crossan | Marcus Borg | Robert Price 

In Theology

Evangelical: Millard Erickson | John Stott | Alister McGrath | Roger Olson

Liberal/critical: F. LeRon Shults

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