I’m Writing a Book With An Atheist

I’m Writing a Book With An Atheist

My whole life I've hung out with atheists. Now I'm writing a book with an atheist friend, Tom Jump. Tom is a successful YouTuber with over 30k followers. It's there on his YouTube channel that he debates Christians and...

A Rift in the Modern Church: Where It Originated (Part 1 of 3)

A Rift in the Modern Church, Part 3 of 3: Three Suggestions

In the prior post I mentioned that evangelicals and liberals* tend to have differing starting points: Scripture as interpreted historically, going back to the creeds (evangelicals); and science along with the best of contemporary culture and learning (liberal theologians)....

Speaking of LGBT+, Part 2 of 2

Speaking of LGBT+, Part 2 of 2

In the last post I noted that Christian students are often torn between their beliefs from home and their friends at school. Because their home (Christian) beliefs sometimes lack depth and support, they accommodate themselves to secular norms at...

Speaking of LGBT+, Part 1 of 2

Speaking of LGBT+, Part 1 of 2

In a recent intense week of ministry, I spoke on the topic of LGBT+ eight times to two different groups of high school students and a group of parents. Three observations: The pull from secular culture on students to...

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