Religious Pluralism

The relationship of Christianity to other religions and worldviews.

Muslim Dialogue

Muslim Dialogue

I just finished my fourth public conversation with a Muslim leader. In this case, Rihabi Mohamed, PH.D. I found him to be polite, articulate, and caring. A model dialogue partner. * Three things (of many) that I'm learning, through...

“Meta” Part 2 of 2: Intellectual Virtue

“Meta” Part 2 of 2: Intellectual Virtue

In the prior post I mentioned three criteria for evaluating religious truth claims: coherence, explanatory ability, and evidence. These criteria, however, are mere concepts. They don't do any work in themselves. A crucial question then is, What is our...

Exclusivism Part 4: Principled Pluralism

In my prior post I made the point that in terms of ultimate truth claims, the pluralist is just as exclusive as anyone else. But there's another kind of pluralism available to us: social pluralism, or what's often called...

Exclusivism Part 3: The Pluralist Fights Back

In my prior post I accused the pluralist of being just as exclusive as anyone else. The committed pluralist is claiming that pluralism is true, and that therefore non-pluralists such as myself and other high-identity adherents to their respective worldviews...

Exclusivism Part 2: Can It Be Avoided? By Anyone?

In my prior post I stated my belief that historic Christianity is true, which, if correct, defeats the truth claims of all competing views such as atheism or Islam. Critics tend to say of exclusivists like myself that we...

Exclusivism Part 1: The Label Nobody Wants

I am what’s sometimes called a traditional or “historic” Christian. It means I’m trying to stand in a line that stretches back to the Reformation, to the early church, to the twelve Apostles, and to Jesus himself.* One of...

Religious Reciprocity: Part 3

Is it fair for me to expect a "satisfied" adherent of another religion to investigate Christianity, while I am not necessarily motivated to pursue their religion? The short answer is this: only if Christianity is true. This answer, however, begs...

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