Evangelism for All Time, Part 1

Evangelism for All Time, Part 1

By the grace of God I've served as an evangelism trainer (and trainee!) for four decades. And again by the grace of God I've shared Christ with many. From these experiences I'd like to suggest some ideas about evangelism...

Do Christians Have to “Be Right?”

I saw a quote recently from a Christian author who was disavowing the ministry of evangelism because it meant Christians had to “be right” about everything. And if you’re certain you’re right, then everyone else must be wrong, and...

Hearing God’s Voice in Evangelism

Mingling in the throng at a local charity event a few months ago, I seemed to get a prompting from the Lord: "Go talk to MC (Minnesota Celebrity)." I obeyed the prompt. But as I started across the room...

The Five Thresholds of Conversion

In their excellent little book, I Once Was Lost, Doug Schaupp and Don Everts talk about the stages or "thresholds" that people go through on the road from unbelief to belief. This is important for Christians as we share...

In Evangelism, Climb Out of the Boat . . .

In my prior post I suggested that when it comes to the business of evangelism, we Christians don’t "bring Jesus" to others. We’re not salespeople. Rather, we’re detectives, investigators. Our job is to discern what God is already doing...

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