Objective Truth is Back

Objective Truth is Back

On a Christian podcast I listened to recently (which shall go unnamed), the speaker was lamenting the loss of "absolute truth" in our world. Postmodernism was to blame. But I wonder, perhaps, if that commentary is outdated by about...

“Meta” Part 2 of 2: Intellectual Virtue

“Meta” Part 2 of 2: Intellectual Virtue

In the prior post I mentioned three criteria for evaluating religious truth claims: coherence, explanatory ability, and evidence. These criteria, however, are mere concepts. They don't do any work in themselves. A crucial question then is, What is our...

Pomo vs. Mo

A hackneyed, stock conversation in the anthropology dept between Postmodern and Modern that never actually occurs. Except everyday.Pomo: You “Mo’s” have been running the show for 400 years, and we’re going to put an end to it.Mo: What do...

The 500 Foot Wall

Derek and Amber are postmodern college students. They have entered your church for the first time, hoping to find spiritual reality, but a 500-foot wall appears to be blocking their way into the sanctuary.From the “narthex,” you spot D...

Tribalism and Your Church

Does the name Ludwig Wittgenstein mean anything to you?It should. Wittgenstein was a mid-20th century philosopher who gave us “language games.” That is, the way communities use language is similar to a game, and every community gets to make...

The Rule of Non-Imposition

One of the inviolable doctrines of the postmodern university is what I call the rule of non-imposition. It means that no group on campus can impose its understanding of the world on any other group.Picture the university as a...

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