Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 2016 from the Mattsons 


My lovely mother, Tudy Mattson, was able to visit us from Florida over Thanksgiving. She must have raised me right because I had the good sense to marry Sharon, 34 years ago.

Sharon sews, sings in church, and grandmothers. I continue working for InterVarsity at campuses around the country. Plus, I’ve been speaking in quite a few churches.


greg-kelli-kids-2016Our fine son-in-law Greg Hildebrandt is still a Director at TreeHouse Ministries in the west metro of Minneapolis. Kelli is loving momhood to turbo-charged sons Isaiah (5) and Joshua (3), and baby Anthony.


Ryan is working as a web developer for Total Expert in Eden Prairie. Maggie is a pre-school teacher (aka, little-kid expert). They are active at Substance Church.

Thanks so much for sending me into the “vineyard” of higher education. It’s a complicated mission field these days.

If you’d like to give a gift (or an extra gift) to my work with InterVarsity here in December, that link is here. And yes, the need is there (thanks again).

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