Hamline InterVarsity, December 2018

InterVarsity at Hamline struggled last year but is doing well this fall, with 10-15 students regularly involved and strong student leadership in place.

“Meet-Up” is on Monday nights, and functions as our Large Group meeting.

Bible Study is on Tuesday nights in the Klas Center and has been discussing what it means to be a Christian on campus.

“GQ” (Great Questions) meets Wednesday nights, twice/month, which is for skeptics.

In GQ I don’t actually say a lot about Christianity, but comment rather on the logical conclusions of students’ views. I often say, “OK, let’s go with that thought. Let’s see where that line of thinking leads . . . “

Outreach Team meets Fridays at 12:40pm. This is a group of InterVarsity students and friends that go out and serve in the community – raking, shoveling, bell-ringing, etc.

I have two goals for Hamline InterVarsity, and I’d really appreciate your prayers for these items:

  • Teach students the basics of inductive Bible study, sharing their faith, and leadership – all of which will last a lifetime (one hopes).
  • Grow our chapter to 25 students and beyond.

Thank you!


Give a gift (or extra gift) to Rick and Sharon in December.

Thanks again.