“Meta” Part 1 of 2: Evaluating Religious Truth Claims

Invitation to Consider the Trustworthiness of the Gospels, Part 4 of 8: An Apology to the Wounded

Meta: I'm trying in this series to get at how we think about issues. That's different than examining the issues themselves. Hence "meta" -- to think about our thinking. One day Mormon missionaries came to my door. I invited them in. I've always had an affection for the LDS (Latter Day Saints). They encouraged me to read the Book of Mormon and to check my heart to see if their scriptures were true. I replied that...

Evangelism for All Time, Part 1

Evangelism for All Time, Part 1

By the grace of God I've served as an evangelism trainer (and trainee!) for four decades. And again by the grace of God I've shared Christ with many. From these experiences I'd like to suggest some ideas about evangelism...

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