Projects I’m working on, January-February 2019

These items are boring to read about and don’t usually appear in my newsletters. But some friends and supporters may wish to know more of what I actually do, day to day.

  1. Evangelism coaching: Recruiting grad students into my evangelism coaching cohort and getting permissions from staff and supervisors to run the training. AND: prepping the training itself, carrying it out (video calls, usually), and follow up.
  2. Grand Canyon University: Speaking to a class on the topic of apologetics, January 21. I’m prepping four “methods” of apologetics: Classical, Evidential, Reformed, Presuppositional. In real-life conversation, these categories are definitely not air-tight concepts.
  3. BCM Conference: Raising money for our first-ever Black Campus Ministry Conference in the Twin Cities, Feb 22-24. And helping to recruit black leaders to visit the conference and offer their counsel.
  4. Metro MN Training Day: Helping our Area staff team pull together a Saturday training event on evangelism and kingdom leadership for students in the Twin Cities. I’ll be one of the trainers.
  5. Faith-Science Public Dialogue at Hamline University, Feb 18: Recruiting Christian and nonChristian panelists. Preparing to serve as the moderator of the event by reading philosophy of science materials and writing up questions for our panelists to address. Thus far the two panelists are Professors David Clark (Bethel Seminary) and Stephen Kellert (Hamline philosophy).
  6. University of Montana week of evangelism and training, Feb 2-9: Preparing for a public dialogue with an atheist student leader at UM. Preparing an evangelism training for a church in Missoula. Preparing leadership training materials for InterVarsity students at UM. I’ll be busy that week.
  7. University of Arizona grad fellowship, Jan 25: I’ll be speaking on “Why Believe in the Authority of the Bible?”, and doing a call to faith. This is another prep.
  8. Correspondence with pastors, supporters, churches, leaders of other Christian orgs, InterVarsity staff around the country. This takes a ton of my time and is important, strategic, tedious. ūüôā I tend to keep up with a lot of people.
  9. Reading scholarly arguments for the Resurrection: This has always been a weakness in my presentations and I need to shore it up. I’m working through Michael Licona’s The¬†Resurrection¬†of¬†Jesus: A¬†New¬†Historiographical¬†Approach. AND: reading one of his critics — Lydia Mcgrew.
  10. Ministry reports and expense reports: fun fun!
  11. Staying on top of my author’s page on Facebook. When you become a small-time author and publisher like me, there’s no one out there promoting your materials, so it’s up to oneself.
  12. Ministry Partnership Development (fundraising): This is a constant in my work that I enjoy but is also challenging and time-consuming.
  13. Etc.!