Rick Mattson Campus Work Summary for 2020-21

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The Mission: There’s an old saying that still rings true: “Change the University and you change the world.”

So when you send me to college campuses, my job is to speak the gospel into the most influential institution in Western culture. Pretty much every major trend that we see in education, media, politics, gender/sexuality and marketplace originated in higher education.

Speaking to a hundred graduate students at Harvard on how to find God

Leadership development: Additionally, campus ministries such as InterVarsity (and others) develop young leaders on campus that eventually assume positions of influence in our churches.

Some become well-known, like Kate Bowler, professor at Duke University and host of the popular “Everything Happens” podcast, with whom I worked in her college days.

Most others, however, serve humbly in small and large churches around the globe, leading Bible studies and sharing Christ with their neighbors — using skills they picked up in campus ministry.

My job these days

  1. Traveling evangelist/apologist to campuses across the country. The centerpiece here is “Stump The Chump” sessions, where students can come and ask any question they wish about Christianity. Last year I served as Chump at U-Michigan, Northwestern, Rice, Emory, Duluth, MIT, and a couple of churches.

  2. Evangelism Coach to graduate students. I work with some amazing PH.D. and masters-level students! One of the trainings we offer is how to transition in conversation from secular to spiritual topics in a natural way. It’s so gratifying to see world-changer graduate students learning to share their faith with professors and fellow students.

  3. Evangelism Department: Grounded by COVID in 2020-21, I’ve joined InterVarsity’s national Evangelism Department. This talented team develops tools for outreach (using Instagram, Facebook, etc.) that students utilize to generate online evangelistic discussions.

Black Campus Ministry

Last year BCM, a department of InterVarsity, reached 4500 black students in colleges and universities across America, so I’m a staunch supporter. This means extra fundraising for me (of $25k), but I consider it a privilege and duty to uphold the work of my fine colleagues in BCM.

Thanks for your help. I hope you’ll be generous in your giving. Sometimes I ask for a lot, but I believe there’s also a lot at stake in America and beyond. Remember: “Change the University and you change the world.” Let’s change the world together.

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More detailed version of Rick Mattson campus work