St. Olaf InterVarsity, December 2016

InterVarsity at St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN 2016


Holiday Party

Sunday nights I lead a Bible study in Tomson Hall, which includes a few of the students pictured above. The group often makes passing references to famous composers and performers in music, dance and theater.

One evening our group “mixer” was to answer the question of which pipe organ composers of the 20th c. we each prefer. With a confident wave of my hand I answered, “Oh . . . Dupre! Unquestionably, Dupre.”

No, I didn’t.

Instead, I listened to college students a third my age discuss the finer points of the literature.

That Bible study is called IVLC, for InterVarsity Leadership Cohort.

IVLC took two road trips this fall — one to InterVarsity’s Cross Training Conference in the Wisconsin Dells, the other to Shiloh Temple, a predominantly African American charismatic church in North Minneapolis.

I happen to know the Shiloh pastor a bit, Bishop Richard D. Howell. He blessed us with an audience in his office before the service, and a special greeting to each of us (by name) during.

Afterward, two law students from the church went to lunch with us to debrief our experience. Instead of talking church, however, we discussed politics and social justice (or lack) in north Minneapolis.

And: IVLC is reading CS. Lewis.

And: studying the book of Genesis.

And: holding each other accountable for sabbath rest each week.

Besides IVLC, two other Bible studies met throughout the fall.

It’s all good. Except: we need young student leaders. That is the prayer request.

* * * * *

Twice per year, in December and June, I ask you to consider supporting our ministry at St. Olaf. That link is here. And yes, the need is there.

Thanks so much!


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