Stump the Chump (Questions Cafe)

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  • 3×5 cards
  • pencils
  • white board
  • markers, eraser
  • (chapter promotional materials)
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  1. Pray for all aspects of the event: inviting, my speaking, lively conversation, logistics of the event, open hearts/minds, follow-up.
  2. Invite friends early and often. If each Christian student invites five friends and trusts God for the results, many friends will attend. Otherwise, we end up with mostly Christians in the crowd. Posters, table tents, etc. around campus are great. But these forms of publicity are secondary. Personal invitations are what make Stump go well. Stump is for our friends. They are the main audience. Better to have a few nonChristian friends present than the “whole campus.”


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Stump the Chump in a dining center, Michigan State University
Stump the Chump in a dining center
Michigan State University


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  1. Need a white board (preferably), markers, eraser. Or easel and pad.
  2. Use an emcee/moderator who sorts the questions and handles the crowd. This will free me to concentrate on the questions.
  3. Questions come from two sources:
    • 3×5 cards that students fill out as the event begins – and during the event. Note: need to have a few of these prepared ahead of time, just to get things started.
    • Verbal questions from the crowd. Then there can be some back-and-forth between myself and the crowd. Moderator/emcee needs to monitor so no one dominates.
  1. Length: The event should last 60-90 minutes, depending on how lively things are.

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