Talks, Presentations, Training: full list


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Talks, Presentations, Training

(full list)

Most of these topics can be Large Group style talks or more informal interactive presentations in dorms or student center/union[/text_output][/container]

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Special Presentations

  1. Stump the Chump”: Ask the Chump (Rick) any question about Christianity
  2. Leadership Module (AD approval required)
  3. Call to Faith: A large group or small group opportunity to receive Christ as Savior
  4. Exposition of Bible passages: In Gospels, Acts, Epistles, Psalms, Genesis, Prophets, etc.

Science and Faith

  1. Is Science Finally Replacing God?
  2. God and Science: Friends, Enemies or Separate Domains?
  3. Creation, Evolution, or Both?
  4. Are Miracles Real?
  5. Does Prayer Make a Statistical Difference?

Bible Questions

  1. Is the Bible Bogus?
  2. Why is there Genocide in the Bible?
  3. Isn’t the Bible Filled with Myths and Legends?
  4. How to Interpret the Bible

Christianity and Other Religions

  1. Religions: Do All Roads Lead To Rome, All Paths to the Same Mountain Top?
  2. No-Fault Ignorance: Does God really send people to hell who’ve never heard of Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ

  1. Jesus Christ: Myth, Legend, or Reality?
  2. Jesus Christ: Another Pagan Myth?
  3. Why did Jesus Christ have to Die on a Cross?

Existence of God

  1. The Hiddenness of God: Why Doesn’t God Make Himself More Obvious? Why Isn’t there More Evidence? Why is God so hard to find?
  2. Why Believe in Christianity? Give Me Some Real Reasons
  3. Atheism and the Existence of God
  4. Why I’m Not an Atheist
  5. Geography: Is being a Christian a result mainly of where you grew up?



Justice, Power and the Bible

  1. Justice: Does the Bible promote slavery, and oppress women and gays?
  2. Is God a White Male Republican?
  3. Is Christianity Patriarchal?
  4. Equality: Does the Bible teach equality of gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity?
  5. Race, Identity, Ethnicity . . . and the Bible
  6. Racial Reconciliation: What the Bible says
  7. Hypocrisy: How do Christians explain the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Salem Witch Hunts, Colonialism?
  8. Jesus on Wealth, Privilege and Power

Character/Nature of God

  1. Why Would a Good God Send People to Hell?
  2. Why does God Allow Suffering and Evil?
  3. Old Testament: Is God a Moral Monster?
  4. God of Wrath versus God of Love: Old Testament versus New Testament


  1. God and Knowledge: How do We Know that We Know that We Know?
  2. What is the Trinity, and Why Does it Matter>
  3. The new Secular Humanism: Can Humanity be Good Without God?
  4. Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayer?
  5. Will Heaven Be Boring?
  6. Predestination and Free Will: Which One? Both? Neither?
  7. Protestants and Catholics: Similarities, Differences. And do the differences matter?

Evangelism Training

  1. Evangelism: A Biblical Foundation
  2. The 5 Thresholds of Conversion
  3. Praying Your Way into Evangelism
  4. Word, Deed and Power in Evangelism
  5. How to Share Your Story in Evangelism
  6. How to Share a Gospel Outline with a Friend
  7. Evangelism as Detective Work
  8. Campus Evangelism Strategy (AD approval required)
  9. Small Group Calls to Faith
  10. Conversational Evangelism: How to talk with your friends about God
  11. Creating an “Invitational Culture” in your fellowship: Luke 14 Banquet passage
  12. Love Your Atheist/Humanist Neighbor

Grad/Faculty (GFM)

  1. Grad/Faculty Evangelism: A Few Humble Suggestions
  2. An Academic Faith: Is this Possible?
  3. Integration of Faith and Learning: How and Why
  4. Faith and Vocation: Can they go together?
  5. Atheism in the Academy: Two kinds of atheism and why this matters