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Hi folks, It’s been my great joy to have worked at more than 85 different campuses the past few years. I’ve learned a lot! For example — that evangelism and evangelism training are big needs in GFM but, of course, must always be “grad-faculty friendly.”

I’d love to help out at your campus, whether on Zoom or in person. Here’s a list of ways I could possibly serve, and what I’ve done in the past.

Large Group Talks and Seminars

  • Christian Skepticism
    • Stanford
  • Does Character Matter?
    • UW River Falls
    • Grace Church Roseville MN), Marshall Free Church (MN), Reston Presbyterian (VA)
  • Evangelism Workshop 
    • Boston Staff Team, Harvard Business School, MI State, MI Tech, Rice U, Stanford, UT Austin, Texas A&M, U-Mich
  • God, Suffering and Evil 
    • U-Cincy
  • John Wesley and The Two Loves 
    • Emory, U-Cincy, Northwestern, MIT
  • Muslim/Atheist/Christian Panel
    • Rice
  • Stump the Chump
    • U-Mich, Northwestern, U-Cincy
  • The Hiddenness of God 
    • Harvard, U-Mich, U-Cincy, Northwestern
  • Why Trust the Gospels?
    • Rice, Arizona State
  • What is Christianity? 
    • Harvard ISM 
  • Why Am I a Christian?
    • U-Arizona
  • Why Jesus? 
    • U-Mich
  • Why Share Your Faith? 
    • Nor-Cal winter retreat, GA Tech

Calls to Faith

  • U-Cincy, U-Mich, Harvard, Northwestern, Michigan retreat, UW River Falls

Individual Student Appointments

  • Everywhere!

Panel discussions

  • Rice, U-Mich

Evangelism Training Topics

  • Theology of evangelism
    • Ridding ourselves of old models of salesmanship and imposing on others
  • Conversation skills
  • Turning the conversation to spiritual matters
  • “Front Door – Side Door” conversations
  • Telling your story
    • A three-part model
  • Evangelism as discernment
    • Hearing the voice of God, following the Spirit, taking risks
  • The Five Thresholds
  • Inviting to Events
    • A three-step approach for effective invitations
  • Campus Evangelism Strategy for GFM/GCF Chapters
    • Three key elements
    • Three key events
  • Apologetics 101
    • Intro to popular apologetic topics such as God and suffering, OT violence/slavery, religious pluralism, heaven/hell, etc.
  • Sharing the gospel
    • Choosing a gospel summary. Calling a friend to faith
  • My Evangelism Profile
    • A kind of “strengths-finders for evangelism

Typical Schedule for Campus Visits

  • 1-3 days at a campus or Area
  • Noon and/or evening seminars/LG
  • Afternoon appointments
  • Visiting Small Groups whenever they meet
  • (Or use Zoom)

Fine Print

  • No cost to you or your chapter
  • Please provide housing and meals, if possible (thanks)
    • Staff/donor/faculty housing preferred over hotel

Staff References

  • Angelo Blancaflor (Evangelism Dept)
  • Doug Schaupp (Evangelism Dept)
  • Hans Nyberg, MI Tech
  • Melodie Marske (supervisor)
  • Michael Moriarty, GA
  • Mickey Sanchez, IL
  • Moy Mendez, IL
  • Nick Dombrowski, TX
  • Renee Nicholas, IL
  • Rob Narske, MI
  • Ryan Yi, MA
  • Sara Chang, MI
  • Shaylen Hardy (BCM)
  • Susan Park, MA
  • Tim Tseng, Nor-Cal

Video/Audio Samples 

Old Testament Violence and Slavery

LGBTQ and the Bible

Good without God?

Reliability of the Gospels, Rice Univ seminar

Stump the Chump at Bethel University

“After IV” Podcast with host Jon Steele

I live in Minnesota and have served on InterVarsity Staff since 1981.

I’m married to Sharon and we have family here in MN. Main hobby: golf!          

Biosketch is here   651.295.5814   

About Me

Rick Mattson

Evangelist & Writer

Hello & welcome to my blog! My name is Rick Mattson and I'm a traveling evangelist/apologist.

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