The New Apologetic

Last week at Sonoma State University (CA) three “apologetics” converged like streams to a river:1.    The Free Thinkers group pressed me with questions such as “Are miracles rational?” and “Why does God never heal an amputee?”They wanted evidence, even...

Pomo vs. Mo

A hackneyed, stock conversation in the anthropology dept between Postmodern and Modern that never actually occurs. Except everyday.Pomo: You “Mo’s” have been running the show for 400 years, and we’re going to put an end to it.Mo: What do...

The Rule of Non-Imposition

One of the inviolable doctrines of the postmodern university is what I call the rule of non-imposition. It means that no group on campus can impose its understanding of the world on any other group.Picture the university as a...

On the Atheist’s Lap

My daughter Kelli was an inquisitive, expansive thinker right out of the chute. I remember one time she asked me why God wouldn’t show himself if he was actually in the room with us. And why Florida was so...

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